Top 10 Exercises to Tone Your Butt

Top 10 Exercises to Tone Your Butt :   Do we just want a perfect butt or do not know how to get it? Nothing beats having a perfect and toned butt…..

If we want the perfect butt – so we’re going to have to work for it.

Of course, that does not mean we’re going to have to work HARD .

You can customize the number of reps and sets depending on your physical shape and abilities.

check out this list of few best butt exercises. It’s everything you need to get a perfect posterior you’d LOVE to show off.


Fitness ball exercises

If we have a fitness ball and we can perform this static exercise that pumps gluten muscles or core muscles. Lie down on our stomach or hold an exercise ball between our feet. Engage our abs and extend our arms straight out in front of us, squeeze the ball with our feet or lift our knees. Freeze for 15 seconds and rest, then do a few more reps.


Hydrants With Leg Extension

Begin on all fours with our knees hips-width apart or our wrists stacked over our shoulders. Keeping the knee bent to a Ninety-degree angle, lift the right leg out to hip-height and then extend the raised leg straight out to the side. Pause before bend the knee again or bring our leg back to starting position to complete First rep.


Simple Bridge

  • Place body on a flat surface and placing arms flat at your sides.
  • Lift our hips into the air and keeping our arms straight and while bending our knee.
  • Stay in the position at least for 20 to 25 seconds. Repeat this 15 to 18 times.



Yoga is a easy option for toning our muscles. Yoga can give you the balance or also shape. Try or find a good yoga instructor to get the buttocks of our dreams.


Heel-Lifted Sumo Squat Exercise

Begin with our feet slightly wider than shoulders-width apart and toes pointed outward. Lift our left heel. With control and sit our hips back as we lower our butt toward the floor and keeping our knees behind our toes or bracing our core to help we balance. Pause, then press into our right heel to stand up into the starting position to complete First rep.


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