The Ultimate Booty-Lifting, Arm-Sculpting And Ab-Blasting Workout : This fun and intense calorie-burning workout targets our arms, butt, abs and legs—basically everything we’re showing off in our swimsuit this season. It will take our 40-minutes from warm-up to cool-down, or the high-intensity interval training or metabolism-boosting workout uses our own body weight and strength training and cliometrics or more to really burn fat or take full advantage of the after burn effect (so we continue burning calories long after the sweat-fest is over).

The Ultimate Booty-Lifting, Arm-Sculpting And Ab-Blasting Workout And The best part: We can do it almost anywhere—at home and at the gym and even at our hotel while we’re vacationing. When we’re done, our butt will feel more lifted and thighs more toned and arms more defined or our abs stronger or tighter than ever.

Pumped to get started? Here’s how the workout breaks down. Once we’re ready, start the video above or get ready to sweat.

  1. Warm-up
  2. Lower-body resistance training: Legs and thighs and butt
  3. Upper-body resistance training: Triceps and biceps and shoulders
  4. Core training: Abs or obliques
  5. Cool-down

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