World Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever

World Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever


Terrorism is the favor of demanding something that is impossible, demanding it at gunpoint. Everyday in news papers we read about diseases, and deaths or not to forget about the deadly “Terrorism attacks” . Or Other issues have some remedies or prevention but the terrorism is the only one issue which was, is and/or will be a biggest threat for any country.And Some dates are never vanished in the world history ,or for instance, 9/11 for USA and 26/11 for Aamchi Mumbai.
There is also this belief that we invite terrorism by ignoring them,and It is very hypothetical to comment on terrorism . But now  a “war against terrorism” is an impracticable conception where we are fighting terrorism with terrorism.or On stopping  this terrorism  one has to remember this quote from Noam Chomsky  “Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well,and there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it” .However,and  here are the world top 10 largest terrorist attacks ever..

10) Massacre Terrorist Attack:

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In Israeli history, May 15, 1973 May 15, and is considered as the worst day or a black day. and This is because of the huge massacre happened there as it was the only Jewish state on the earth. and More than 115 people were taken as hostages or out of them 25 were killed or 66 were injured.

And The terrorists who belonged to the Liberation of Palestine were responsible for this cruel terrorist attack.And They managed themselves to enter the Jewish state very easily. This incident took Israel into mourn. After Fourty years of this incident people still remember the bad glimpses of that day or/and the sufferings of the people.


9) TWA Flight 841 Terrorist attacks:

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The worst terrorist attack in the air or it is not a Hi-jack. And It is something more terrified or miserable attack than that. The day was September 8, 1974. And The Flight flew as usual from Athens to Rome. In the middle it took a break or stopped in Greece for about 69 min to take off to reach the next destination,And New York City International Airport. In matter of this journey time the plane suddenly crashed into the Lonian Sea.

At 1st the engine failure was given as a reason and/or the blame was pushed on the pilot’s inefficiency. No sooner the bitter or shocking truth came out stating that this plane collapse was because of a bomb blast in the plane.  the crash was a 100% terrorist bomb blast which belonged to the Abu Nadil Terrorist organisation. And Around 80(eighty) passengers  traveled, this plane and none of them came back safel, they were present lifelessly into the Lonian Sea. i hope you enjoy reading World Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever


8) Manhattan Attacks:

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In 1997, one among the most well known, famous nationalist group was Puerto Ricon FALN group. and It was involved in terrorist activities in United State. On August 3 a group of trained people entered Manhattan-ruthlessly attacked both united state Defense builds or Mobil Oil building.

The attacks registered very low amount of death, injured rate (9 injured and 1 dead, according to the reports). But it hit the defense capabilities, power and also caused financial loss.And It was a threatening sign to the united state army that remained as the scary or worst terrorist attack ever in the US defense history.


7) Chechnya Border Attacks:


Chechnya is a border between Russia – European countries.And March 24, 2001 is said to be a saddest day in Russia. And At that time Russia was completely under the hold of the terrorists or These bomb blasts were continues in the form of 3 cars.and It did affect the peaceful European country as well and as the blasts were made exactly near the borders.  And Both the countries equally shared the killings or faced the doomed consequences.

The entire bomb blasts is resulted in 20 deaths and 102 injured people.


6) Anthrax attacks:


 Soon after the unexpected, the shocking WTC attack this attack took its way gradually.and It started exactly after the one week of the WTC i.e. September 18; 2001.And It had a slow start or steadily caused an impact after several weeks.And It claimed the death of 5 innocent lives and injured 16 people.  This was 1st of the most complicated cases to handle in the history;And it was openly stated by FBI officials.

This attack did not had bombs,and weapons or anything else.and It was just through letters that contained these anthrax spores.and It was a biological terrorist attack. These letters were posted, well positioned officials like Senators along with the media officers.And The reason behind these attacks is not known exactly. 1stly it was blamed on Al Qaeda,and later FBI suspected Dr Ivins who was a country official. After few weeks he committed suicide.

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5) World Trade Centre Bombing of 1993

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World Trade center,the center of attraction for all these terrorist attacks.and Well before 9/11 incident then World Trade Centre already  got a choke through bomb blasts on Feb 26, 1993. And This was said to be a failure 1 as they aimed for twin tower attacks or missed their task. And There was a truck placed in the basement parking of North Tower New York city. Miserably,and the truck was full of bombing materials.  and This was a failure attack as it did not demolish the twin towers.

But it was the 1st biggest attack to destroy the backbone of the united state. Ahmad Ajaj, Mahmud Abouhalima, Nidal A. Ayyad and Ramzi Yousef and Mohammad Salameh,and were the core team group who planned or executed this attack  which was financed by Shaikh Mohammed.


4) The Wall Street Bombing:


The death of 39 lives and 144 injured people results Wall Street bombing. and This time it was gain in the month of September 16, 1920 at around 12.05 p.m. The bombs shook the New York’s financial sector.And The team behind it was not traced exactly but they has a strong doubt or guessed that Galleanists were the 1 who were behind this cruel attack and  but still they were not the officially announced.And This is the earliest, the worst terrorist attack.


3) 26/11 Mumbai attacks:

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This is the most fiery or weird attack that took place in the Indian History.And The spot was India’s  most famous or royal Hotel group  Hotel Taj Mahal which is in the premises of Gate way of India. There was a 64.6 hours long battle between the Military / police forces or the terrorists.And There were shooting or bombing continuously from both the sides. and It was like a hotel arrest by terrorist.

The date 26 November 2008 will remain in the forever as a black day in Indian history. There were 10 attacks on the same registered in several places of Mumbai on the same day; however Hotel Taj was the main target which witnessed the death of 110 innocent people who stayed in Taj. i hope you enjoy reading

World Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever


2) The Okahlama city bombing:

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Oklahoma City’s, and Alfred. Murrah Federal building, attacked with bombs on 19 April 1995.and This is the 2nd , the deadliest terrorist attack ever on the soil of America.And Around 172 people were dead that included 20 children or 684 more victims were injured. The terrorist Timothy Mcveigh ,and was the sole cause of this attack, he was imprisoned executed to death after 6 years.


1) 9/11 attack (WTC):

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The worst attack ever in the world history. It is reported that 2.994 were dead and 8,909 were injured.And It literally has some videos or pictures showing the fall of victims from the world top most building  facing death very pathetically! 9/11 attack on World Trade Center (wtc) is truly on top of the list as it is the worst terrorist attack so far that has been faced by humans living anywhere, any part of the world. As it is known to all,and  these attacks were planned, monitored or executed by the world’s top most terrorist Osama Bin laden.And He brought nightmares to all the United state public.

4 planes were planned but only 2 were hit to the twin towers the others missed the target  wherein 1 out of the other 2 hit the Washington pentagon and the last 1 was crashed into the field in Summer set County.And It was a well planned tragic attack ever.and It affected Nation’s foreign or democratic rules and policies.and It raised doubts against the nation’s security, intelligence power.And More importantly it affected all the IT countries which lead to a big set back called “recession”.

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