Laughter is the Best Medicine | Burn calories from laughing

Laughter is the Best Medicine | Burn calories from laughing


Today’s part is a life filled with stress, work pressure from above, many of us will not even remember that when the last time they were laughing. Whilst laughing is very important for all of us, but we make it look blind. I am trying to share some information about how laughing by our friends can be healthy and happy, if you like it, then surely will laugh. So let’s know the five advantages of laughing:

1) The laughter is exercised by the laughter. Blood circulation is good. When laughing, endorphins are released from the body, this material strengthens the heart. Laughing reduces the possibility of heart attack.

2) According to a research, in the presence of oxygen, cancer cells and many types of harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed. Oxygen gives us more amounts than laughing and the body’s immune system becomes strong too


3) If there is humorous meditation yoga in the morning, then there is happiness all day long. If it is done in the night, then it is good to sleep Humorous Yoga is the release of many types of hormones in our body, which benefits people suffering from diabetes, backache and stress.

4) Laughing also enhances the positive energy from the office. So friends, why do not we all read two or four jokes or listen to it at a strong laughter.

5) Laughing one hour every day consumes 400 calories, which also prevents obesity Today, many comedy clubs are also working through to stressful life through laughter.

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