Fittest Woman on Earth

Fittest Woman on Earth :  Not many 26 year olds can lift 112kg above their heads—but Sara can. The Nike Metcon 4 ambassador is First of the fittest women in the world or her clean or jerk PB at the WOW Olympic Games Weightlifting in February was no mean feat. In context, that is the same as lifting a fully grown dolphin and 33 bricks above our head.

This, combined with her 92kg snatch set a national record and making her the 1st Icelandic woman ever to pass 200 km and lifting 201 kg in total.

But what does the Sara diet actually look like? Protein, High protein and protein and few carbs? And a more balanced and nutrition-focused approach to her macros?   On an intense training day and she has more carbohydrates or fat and dividing her macros into 410g of carbs, 87g of fat and 165g of protein.

On a regular training day and the carbs or fat lowers slightly to 328g of carbs and 76g of fat. When she’s recovering and she has even less carbs or fat at 274g of carbs and 62g of fat. Her protein stays the same throughout.



135g egg white and 2 egg with spinach or bell peppers or a banana and blueberry, strawberry and fresh date, hazelnut or homemade cashew milk fruit bowl.


35g lentils with rice and chicken or vegetables. DINNER 30g lentils with rice and chicken and vegetables.


A cup of coffee


A plant protein, frozen banana and peanut butter or water smoothie.


Vegan protein bar and green grapes.   Top Tip: “Start the Good day on the Perfect foot or stay hydrated. When I wake and I drink half a litre of water or take a ginger or apple cider vinegar shot. I also make sure I drink 5 litres of water every day”

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