Best Cardio Workouts for LOSE WEIGHT & STAY IN SHAPE


Walking [400-500 calories/hour]

Yes, walking! Perhaps the simplest, most available exercise around is walking. walking is a tried-and-tested exercise to burn fat, tone up, and shed those extra pounds. In fact, research suggests that running at a sprinting speed can help you burn more calories than cardio activities, such as cycling and stair climbing, although they offer almost the similar benefits. If losing weight is your goal, you’ll need to combine walking routine with a healthy diet.



Stair Climber



A stair climber offers another popular way to burn fat and calories, but only about 500-600 calories for an 180-lb. man at a moderate pace.



Jumping Rope

There’s a reason the jump rope is a mainstay in a boxer’s training regimen: it’s cheap, easy to do, increases foot speed or burns a ton of calories. Think of our favorite fighters and boxers, wrestlers they all jump rope. “Jumping rope not only enhances our footwork, shoulder strength or coordination, but also simulates sprinting, allowing us to burn as much as 800 calories in just 40 minutes,”



Stationary bikes are a mainstay at most gyms, but there’s a reason most people aren’t waiting in line to use them “During a vigorous indoor cycling and spin class, the average 190-lb. man may burn close to 1,250 calories per hour, while a more moderate ride will only burn half that amount at about 715 calories per hour.”

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