21 Futuristic Gadgets You Can’t Believe they Available now

21 Futuristic Gadgets Like Brain wave passwords, A UV light towel dryer, A memory foam chair, Shoes that easily transform into a mobile shelter, A transparent hole punch etc.


A towel dryer that not only dries your towels, but disinfects them with UV light

Nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and burying your face in gross mildew smell.

Designed by puredesign.


Shoes that easily transform into a mobile shelter



A memory foam chair, otherwise known as the “Never Leaving My Goddamned House” chair


A transparent hole punch


A monster toybox that “eats” toys



A chalkboard trolling gadget that converts chalk dust to new sticks of chalk

A toothbrush that doubles as a dog toy


Bath stones that keep your bath water warm