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Comparing the Dangers and Differences of Rugby and Football

Our increased knowledge and awareness of the dangers of football are believed to be a big reason the NFL’s TV ratings have gone down each of the past two seasons.

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But, in terms or risk, how does it measure up against the British equivalent?

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Graf English 1301 9 Roby 4 October 2014 Football or Rugby Nowadays, people are not as tough as they used to be.

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The Ethics of Watching Football. ... In light of the ongoing concussion crisis, domestic violence scandals, and more problems plaguing ...

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Both rugby and football are high-impact sports, but which one is more dangerous?

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Rugby vs football head injuries is a highly debated topic, yet statistics show rugby may be more dangerous.

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The death of linebacker Junior Seau has triggered a flurry of comments and articles regarding the future of football.

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MATRIKS : 08DKE09F2094 INTRODUCTION Rugby football (also known as "rugby") is either of two current sports, either rugby league ...

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Rugby vs football, which is better? We'll discuss the key differences between the two sports so that you can form your own opinion.

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Dr Bennet Omalu in the Film Concussion (2015): “All of these animals have shock absorbers built into their bodies.