Fitness trends 2019 -2020: What I think about when I must go running

Fitness trends 2019: What I think about when I must go running

There are more than one thoughts that run in our mind when we think about running, but we’m hardly ever able to convince yourself how to. These running trends, however, might pique every runner’s interest. Give it a read for some running inspiration.

we one of the many millennial’s out there who are learning to grapple with the pressures of life and especially those supposed non-existent ones that life throws at we in our twenties or early thirties. I also believe that all the uncertainty you go through in our twenties, especially post-30 and a quarter-life crisis and the dust usually begins settling down. The storms that may follow thereafter become pretty much manageable.


Advanced shoe designs

With the advancement in technological innovations and its adaptations for shoes for women, achieving that extra mile has become easier. Today, it’s all about winning the long run and overall enhancement. There are even smart technologically abled energy-saving shoes, that provide the potential to significantly improve performance and assist runners of every level to go longer than they thought possible.

Wearable technology

The future of fitness is going to be about collecting performance data and tracking it to evaluate progress. To make life easier, smart fitness clothing along with wearable tech and monitoring apps, targeting health and fitness conscious women, is gaining more traction and is on the rise for a healthier lifestyle.


Increase the intensity

Intense training with cardio has become staple among most women for their fitness routine. With the availability of snackable content on social media about fitness, workouts, dos and don’ts for running etc. women are invariably adding variations and increasing the intensity, thereby, raising the bar for themselves.

The treadmill is back in action

With the increased propensity of leading a healthy lifestyle, running has now become one of the key areas of interest among the women, be it outdoor or indoor. Running is a 360-degree workout and should be done with the right kind of footgear, one should use the perfect running gear that aids in injury protection and provides better stability and comfort to achieve more than what is desired. Treadmill running helps in working on stamina and with the introduction of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), running indoors has become more appealing amongst women.


Mindful workouts

While there are women working towards getting a fitter body, at the same time, it is important to keep one’s mind calm and composed. There has been a growing interest in restorative yoga, meditation, or even recovery-centric classes. It’s important to have a peaceful mind which knows and understands your body. This helps in keeping stress levels in check, improving the sleep cycle and benefits holistic health of body and mind.

I’ll too go for a run, tomorrow.


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