Easy Tips to Get Slimmer in 30 Days

 Easy Tips to Get Slimmer in 30 Days

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One month to fit

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If you’re looking to change up your daily routine to include time for exercise and healthier meals, we have some good news. Implementing even small everyday diet and exercise changes can lead to a long-term difference, says Lee Goldman, MD, executive vice president and dean of the faculties of health sciences and medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. When it comes to exercise, “the simple message is to stay active,” he says. Focus on building activity into your daily routine, he adds, whether it’s going to the gym, walking several extra blocks rather than driving, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Dr. Goldman also cautions against the common mistake of celebrating your new exercise routine with heartier meals. “Don’t overestimate how many calories you burn with exercise and reward yourself by eating just as many—or more,” he stresses.

 Have a mission

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Write a specific wellness mission for the upcoming weeks (think: “I will eat two clean meals per day for two weeks”) and stick it where you’ll see it. Remember: This is a jumping-off point, so it’s OK to start small.

 Purge your pantry

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Toss out three food products labeled “low-fat,” “reduced-fat” or “fat-free.” They often pack more salt, sugar or even calories than the full-fat versions.

Scan your kitchen

Do you have any foods that you just can’t stop eating once you start? (We’re looking at you, buttered popcorn and M&M’s.) Think about what those are for you, and purge three of the ones that tend to knock you offtrack from your diet goals.

Hop on the scale again

If self-weighing seems to be working for you, aim for a check-in once a week. Recent research shows that weighing yourself at least once a week may help you stay on track toward your weight loss goals. That said, some people find weighing themselves frequently just makes them frustrated—especially since the number on the scale doesn’t always reflect an actual slim down, since muscle is denser than fat.
 Easy Tips to Get Slimmer in 30 Days